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SmartBox v2

A complete, cost-effective, high performance instrument for neurophysiology and experimental control, designed to replace or supplement rack-mounted workstations. Now with a completely revamped probe-centric software interface.

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Primate Workshop, June 8-9 2016

In collaboration with Rogue Research, NeuroNexus is hosting a primate-focused workshop in Montreal, Canada, on June 8-9 2016. Observation is free, and you may reserve a supervised, hands-on in vivo surgery with the Matrix Array or Vector Array for $3,500.

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Montreal PRIMATE Workshop (June 8-9, 2016)

NeuroNexus is offering a hands-on in vivo surgical training workshop in Montreal in collaboration with Rogue Research. Observation is free, and a brain hemisphere in a macaque may be reserved for surgery for $3,500. Free housing is available. Attendance must be confirmed by May 27, 2016. Learn more and register here.

SmartBox V2 Webinar

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Dr. Andre Snellings demonstrates the new V2 software in detail. Watch the webinar to see how the seamless probe-centric software interface can help you effectively manage an experiment.

The webinar covers:

  • Navigating the new user interface
  • Experiment Configuration
  • Integrated mapping
  • Identifying spikes
  • Digital and Analog I/O Recording
  • File Conversion