Custom Design

NeuroNexus is experienced in providing solutions for custom neural interfaces to meet diverse experimental needs. This portfolio shows some of our work to date.

Featured Custom Design: Dr. Rune Berg, University of Copenhagen

A neuron should always be studied in context of a neuronal network. NeuroNexus helps provide the tools. ~Dr. Rune Berg


Dr. Berg’s design is a modification of the Buzsaki probe with the electrode distance being larger to match the size and distance of neurons in the spinal cord as opposed to in the hippocampus. Having the contacts on the edges allows sampling from a larger volume of tissue, and sampling with multiple recording sites greatly improves spike sorting quality. Now, Dr. Berg and his lab can start unraveling the mystery of motor pattern generation in the spinal cord.

Berg64 probe:



recording from the Spinal Cord Using a Berg A8x8-5mm-200-160 probe:

Berg figure