Custom Design

Dr. Anton Sirota
University of Tuebingen, Germany

Since NeuroNexus began fabricating probes with high reliability and reasonable costs, we virtually stopped using wire electrodes and monitor electrical activity with silicon probes. It is a one-way process: once one begins to record with silicon probes, he/she never goes back to wires. ~Dr. Gyorgy Buzsaki

Extracellular recording of the local field potential (LFP) and spiking activity provide complementary information about the neural activity in freely moving animals. Dr. Sirota has been using various types of catalog NeuroNexus probes to analyze multiple single neurons in a small volume, or LFPs across multiple layers/columns: close-spaced (15 µm) recording sites (Buzsaki32/64) or wide-spaced (100 µm) recording sites (a1x16-5mm-100-177). Dr. Sirota’s custom probe design is a high channel count, small feature probe that combines the advantages of both catalog designs while keeping shank width to a minimum. This custom probe is allowing Dr. Sirota to overcome existing recording limitations and analyze activity of neuronal populations across all layers of one cortical column in freely behaving rodents.


Experiments are currently underway. Please contact NeuroNexus for more information.

Probe Status

The electrode design is available in the catalog. Contact us for more detail.

A2x32-6mm-235-200-160 probe: