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Dr. Daniel Moran and Mr. Matthew MacEwanWashington University, USA


I am very pleased with the outcome of this project. It would have taken a considerable amount of funds and, more importantly, time if I were to pursue this on my own or with an academic partner.

~Dr. Dan Moran

Dr. Moran’s group approached NeuroNexus with a need for a dual-layer macro sieve electrode capable of recruiting distal musculature through selective stimulation of regenerated motor axons integrated into the device. NeuroNexus turned the novel design specifications/concept into a packaged system including a polymer-based array and a custom printed circuit board.


The Moran Lab was able to successfully demonstrate selective activation of multiple muscles within the lower leg of a rat through electrical activation of independent metallized sites with the device. Based on his pioneering work with this novel electrode in rat models, Dr. Moran was recently awarded a DARPA HAPTIX grant, and will be exploring the peripheral nerve interface in primates with an optimized sieve electrode design.

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