Custom Design

Dr. Doug Weber
University of Pittsburgh, USA


The experienced team of engineers at NeuroNexus was very helpful in designing an electrode to meet our
requirements. It would have been impossible for us to fabricate an electrode of this quality in-house.

~Dr. Doug Weber

Based on the excellent results obtained with existing E-Probes, and his experimental requirements for recording and stimulation, Dr. Weber designed a custom array. This customized array was designed to provide interleaved sites for neural recording and stimulation in spinal nerves. NeuroNexus E-Probe arrays are extremely flexible and conform well to the surface of the nerves, whose diameter require a high radius of curvature.


Experiments are currently underway. Please contact NeuroNexus for more information.

Probe Status

The electrode design is available in the catalog as a special order. Contact us for more information.

E32-1000-20-50/100 ECoG probe: