Custom Design

Dr. Hubert Lim and Mrs. Malgorzata StrakaUniversity of Minnesota, USA


I have been a user of these probes for over 10 years and have not found any other available technology that can allow me to reliably stimulate and record from similar populations of neurons across numerous brain regions simultaneously. The enormous amount of neural data that can be collected from each probe makes animal experiments more efficient and consistent.

~Dr. Hubert Lim

Dr. Lim’s group uses the new probe design to study the auditory pathway through multichannel stimulation and simultaneous recording of small populations of neurons. The power of these probes lies with the ability to stimulate as well as record from neurons using the same probe by electrochemically activating the sites to form iridium-oxide. Dr. Lim’s group is able to record neural activity across numerous sites during placement to identify areas of interest, even within deep structures (e.g., inferior colliculus Fig. 1) without aspirating the cortical structures above it by using long shanks. Then those same sites can be electrically stimulated to activate the desired brain regions. In addition, the flexibility in the probe design allows Dr. Lim’s group to record and stimulate different yet specific populations of neurons to better understand network coding within the auditory system.


Dr. Lim’s group has been able to position sites (e.g., Ch1 and Ch2 in Fig. 2) within the same frequency region of the inferior colliculus. They then stimulated these sites individually or collectively to elicit varying activation within the auditory cortex (local field potentials and spiking activity) with a separate NeuroNexus probe. Understanding how higher cortical structures respond to precisely delivered electrical stimulation allows Dr. Lim’s group to not only better understand the auditory pathways but also improve stimulation techniques for new types of central auditory neuroprostheses.

Probe Status

The A4x8-8mm-100-500-703 electrode design is available in the catalog as a special order. Contact us for more detail.


A three-dimensional rendering of the guinea pig inferior colliculus with an inserted probe




Examples of responses within the inferior colliculus on two separate recording sites (Ch.1 and Ch.2) selected for their similar activation patterns.