Custom Design

Dr. Jonathan Whitlock
Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience
Trondheim, Norway

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It was a pleasure working with the knowledgeable staff at NeuroNexus during the probe design process. No detail was spared in getting me a precisely engineered double-probe drive targeting exacting anatomical coordinates.

~Dr. Jonathan Whitlock

Dr. Whitlock has several years of experience conducting chronic in vivo single-unit recordings from multiple sites in freely-behaving animals (Whitlock et al., Neuron, 2012; Derdikman et al. Nat. Neurosci. 2009). One of the major challenges which NeuroNexus probes have helped solve for me, particularly when recording from cortical regions just beneath the skull, is low cell yield. The 15 micron thick shanks with tetrode-style recordings sites at the tips has indeed led to more cells recorded per animal, and every aspect of the design was optimized for my application. The other major challenge is in packing 16 tetrodes into separate, but close sectors of cortex– an arrangement where traditional drives were prohibitively bulky. Again, the engineers at NeuroNexus tackled the problem with a beautiful and simple design: two independent drives were positioned orthogonally in the same housing, and fit on the skull as a single piece. We are now able to consistently target 16 tetrodes(across 2 drives) to the same cortical areas and get units from every animal.


Experiments are currently underway.

Probe Status

This electrode design is available in the catalog as a special order. (Contact us for more detail.)

Whitlock DualDrive-01

Custom dual-dDrive


A8x1tet 2mm200 160-01

A computer Rendering of the A8x1-tet-2mm-200-160