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Dr. Mesut Sahin
New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA


The chronic version of the Micro-EcoG electrodes from NeuroNexus made our implant procedure on the cerebellum much easier and more reliable. Electrode breakage is no longer a problem.

~Dr. Mesut Sahin

The rat cerebellar cortex is a very delicate structure. In addition, the cerebellum experiences large displacements towards and away from the back of the skull with the flexions/extensions of the neck in a behaving animal. All of this makes it very challenging to record cerebellar activity in awake animals. Highly flexible NeuroNexus EcoG arrays are well suited for this application. They are durable enough to be handled with surgical instruments and yet sufficiently flexible not to cause tension on the neural tissue after implantation.

E32-300-20-50 ECoG probe:


Effect of anesthesia on peripherally evoked cerebellar cortex potentials by an air puff on the face:


Left: Implant location on the paramedian lobule of the rat cerebellum. Right: Neural Connections in the cerebellar cortex.