Custom Design

Dr. Susumu Takahashi
Doshisha University, Japan


The outstanding engineers at NeuroNexus realized my ideal probe design. The silicon probes with high density contacts made my experiments much finer and convincing.

~Dr. Susumu Takahashi

For several years, Dr. Takahashi has focused on the detailed information on action potentials in extracellular recordings using custom-made microwire electrode (‘Dodecatrode,’ Takahashi & Sakurai, Neurosci. 2005; Eur. J. Neurosci. 2007; Front. Neural Circuits. 2009). The major limitation of the microwire is that the arrangement of contacts in the brain is largely unknown. To overcome this limitation, Dr. Takahashi worked with NeuroNexus to realize a custom probe that has exceptionally high density contacts that fully cover a pyramidal cell layer of the hippocampal CA1. This custom probe in conjunction with customized software will enable Dr. Takahashi to examine the details of extracellular activity originating from soma, dendrites, and axons in freely behaving animals.


Experiments are currently underway.

Probe Status

This electrode design is available in the catalog as a special order. (Contact us for more detail.)

Takahashi FeatureProbe

A computer Rendering and close-up View of the A2x32-10mm-dia-200-100