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The IST-Motor is a computer-controlled insertion tool developed to allow precise, micron-accurate probe insertions. The IST-Motor is designed to interface directly with standard stereotaxic frames. To complement the macro-scale adjustments of a stereotaxic frame, the IST-Motor is capable of 50 mm of movement, with step sizes as small as 0.05 µm. Insertion speed is adjustable.

All NeuroNexus insertion tools are compatible with the IST-Motor. Use the 2 mm-diameter rod to interface directly with the IST-Motor.

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The IST-Motor is accompanied by an easy-to-use, intuitive GUI that controls actuation. Developed specifically for the application of NeuroNexus probe insertion, the GUI allows for accurate placement and tracking of the electrode position during an experiment.

Using the IST-Motor application, insertions can be performed by absolute position or in increments. Select an insertion velocity between 0.22 µm/s - 8 mm/s, up to a range of 50 mm. The IST-Motor can also be actuated in increments as small as 0.05 µm.