Cardiac Products

NeuroNexus is currently working to make our state-of-the-art technologies and systems available for autonomic nervous system research. Flexible polymer surface grids with high resolution and silicon penetrating probes have both been tested with success in cardiac and autonomic nervous system work in the lab of Jeffrey Ardell at UCLA. The SmartBox was used to obtain recordings during these experiments.

The following videos show some of the experimental work performed with NeuroNexus Cardiac Probes. The first video shows a Cardiac Surface Grid in place on a beating heart. The second video shows the data acquired from that probe using the SmartBox data acquisition system. The SmartBox automatically maps the surface grid, and synchronizes with and displays external peripherals. Together, NeuroNexus Surface Grids and the SmartBox offer a plug-and-play solution for any researcher performing Cardiac experimental work.

NeuroNexus works closely with researchers to develop our products, and utilize advanced manufacturing techniques to make these designs a reality. If you are interested in a tailored neural interface, please contact us for a consultation.

NeuroNexus is proud to participate in and help facilitate the initiatives of the SPARC U18 program, sponsored by the NIH.