dDrive (Disposable Drive)

dDrive-m-xL-01The dDrive (Disposable Head-mounted Drive) is NeuroNexus’ solution for cost-effective chronic recording experiments. It features similar capabilities as the reusable nDrive, but is designed to be used for just one implantation, simplifying your prep.

The entire dDrive assembly (with probe) can be sterilized, and it arrives assembled and ready for your surgery. The simplicity of the dDrive makes it ideal for both beginners and experienced users recording with NeuroNexus’ chronic probes.

dDrive-m-xL Skulls

Above: dDrive-xL (left) on a rat skull and dDrive-m (right) on a mouse skull. Shown with customized caps.

The dDrive-m has a drive range of 2.5 mm, while the dDrive-xL (Extended Length) has a drive range of 7 mm. The dDrive features a fine-resolution drive screw, making a depth alteration of 150 µm with each complete turn. Also included with the dDrive are an easy to use connector holder and an adaptor that interfaces with your stereotaxic system. Watch our video for a detailed understanding of the dDrive and implantation procedure.

Opto dDrive

Above: The Opto-dDrive allows for optogenetic-enabled microdrive strategies during experiments.

The dDrive can be ordered individually or as part of the Chronic Recordings Starter Kit, which includes five dDrives, five 4-channel HQ4 probes and all stereotaxic adaptor accessories. If you are new to chronic prep, we recommend pairing the dDrive with a 4-channel Qtrode (HQ4 package).


dDriveVideo ImplantStrategyLink-01

For the complete implantation strategy, watch the dDrive video here. Alternatively, download the instruction manual.

Part NumberDescription
Chronic Recording Starter Kit 5 HQ4 probes mounted on 5 dDrives, 1 dDrive Screwdriver, 1 IST-Adpt, 1 IST-2mm
dDrive-m, dDrive-xL Full dDrive-m/dDrive-xL kit (probe mounted unless otherwise specified)
dDrive 5-pack  
dDrive Screwdriver Mounts to the drive screw to advance a probe
IST-Adpt Mounts to a stereotaxic frame
IST-2mm 2 mm rod, interfaces to each dDrive package and to IST-Adpt (for Kopf 7.9 mm)





Dimension (w/ cap) W x L x H

Dimension (w/o cap) Dia x H

10 x 8 x 10 (mm)

3.5 x 7.65 (mm)

10 x 8 x 15.5 (mm)

3.5 x 12.65 (mm)

Weight (w/ cap)

Weigh (w/o cap)

0.47 g

0.12 g

0.75 g

0.16 g

Drive Range 2.5 mm 7 mm
Drive Resolution 150 µm/turn 150 µm/turn
Drive Mechanism Screw Base Screw Base

dDrive Video RS-01

Watch the Video

Learn how the features and implantation strategy of the dDrive can improve the outcome of a chronic experiment.

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