Light Source Interface

Optical Patch Cord

To interface with a variety of light source connectors, NeuroNexus offers patch cords to interface light sources with FC/PC, SMA, or LC connectors. The standard length of a patch cord is 3 meters. Other lengths can be customized with a surcharge of $15/meter.

NeuroNexus currently offers patch cords with core diameter of 50 μm or 105 μm. Optical fibers can be optionally protected with plenum, but doing so will increase the patch cord diameter to 900 µm. A plenum patch cord is less flexible but offers additional protection against wear and tear.

It is optimal to use a patch cord with a core diameter that is equal to or larger than that of your light source. It is best to minimize core diameter mismatch. Be sure to check the core size of your light source before ordering the Optical Patch Cord.

When selecting a suitable light source, consider that single mode laser sources have core diameters less than 10 μm and provide excellent optical coupling efficiency. Alternatively, LED sources tend to have larger core diameters (e.g. 200 μm) and may result in lower efficiency.

Specifications - Optoelectrodes

Fiber Fused silica, 105 µm core, multi-mode
Outer Diameter 125 µm (105 µm core)
Weight (Coupler) < 0.5 g
Numerical Aperture


Durability < 5% transmission variability after 40 connections
Rotation Test < 2% variation over 1 rotation
Connection Strength > 300 g before latch separation (typical)
Max. Shear Force 900 g (applied to top of female coupler)
Length Tolerance ± 500 µm
Fiber Tip Profile Flat
Note Internal reference site is disconnected as standard. Certain designs may allow ref. site connection; contact us for specifics.

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