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The SmartBox™ data acquisition system designed to interface with both micro and macro electrodes. Conventional high impedance probes such as NeuroNexus Standard Probes can interface with the SmartBox™ via SmartLink headstages.

The SmartBox™ system is capable of acquiring EMG, ECG, ECoG, EEG, single units, and multiple units. Up to 256 channels of simultaneous recordings can be performed in real time from up to 4 independent experiments, with user-selectable bandwidth from 0.1 Hz to 20 kHz. A standard USB cable connects the SmartBox™ to the host computer.

With feedback from existing SmartBox™ users, NeuroNexus incorporated groundbreaking features into our new probe-centric software, including integrated mapping, flexible screen layouts, I/O synchronization with data streaming, and in-experiment data stream pausing. The integrated mapping feature especially saves time, reduces complexity when switching between different electrode designs, and makes experiment management intuitive. This seamless user experience arises from our ability to integrate probes, mapping, and software. Data is streamed to file, where it can be read into commercial analysis software.


Specifications - SmartBox™

Acquisition Channel Count Up to 256 
A/D Resolution 16-bit
Sampling Rates 1 kS/s - 30 kS/s per channel
Peripheral Output

2 Analog*, BNC (± 3.3 V)

2 Digital*, BNC (0 - 5 V)

Peripheral Input

2 Analog*, BNC (0 - 3.3 V)

2 Digital*, BNC (3.3 V)

Audio Monitoring

1 stereo line out (3.5 mm), user selectable

Cutoff Frequency

Adjustable; Lower: 0.1 - 500 Hz, Upper: 100 Hz - 20 kHz

Low Input-referred Noise 2.4 µVrms typical
Input Range ± 5 mV
Smallest Detectable Signal ≅ 15 µV

SmartBox™, power cable, USB cable, HDMI cable,

SmartLink headstages (if ordered) with one extra HDMI cable per headstage,



*Additional Input/Output available via the DB50 expansion port.

SmartBox TrialRS

SmartBox™ Trial

Trial the SmartBox™ in your own lab.

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