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Cell Diversity and Network Dynamics in Photosensitive Human Brain Organoids

1ST AUTHOR: Giorgia Quadrato

LAST AUTHOR: Paola Arlotta

CONTRIBUTING AUTHORS: Tuan Nguyen, Evan Z. Macosko, John L. Sherwood, Sung Min Yang, Daniel R. Berger, Natalie Maria, Jorg Scholvin, Melissa Goldman, Justin P. Kinney, Edward S. Boyden, Jeff W. Lichtman, Ziv M. Williams, Steven A. McCarroll

EXPERIMENT: Human Brain Organoid

PRODUCT: SmartBox Data Acquisition system

This paper investigates a technique to study aspects of human brain development and disease as part of an in vitro study of cells generated within organoids. Gene expression is analyzed in over 80,000 individual cells from 31 human brain organoids. Organoids were used to generate a broad diversity of cells, related to endogenous classes including cells from cerebral cortex and retina. Neuronal activity within organoids was controlled using light stimulation of photosensitive cells, which may offer a way to probe the functionality of human neuronal circuits using physiological sensory stimuli.


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