NeuroNexus’ technology focus is the neural interface

exhb lowres2NeuroNexus® is focused on developing new and powerful technologies and devices to directly interface with the brain and nervous system to “map” brain function, detect neural activity, and stimulate or modulate neural circuits when brain function is impaired.

NeuroNexus’ technology focus is the neural interface – the microscale region where an implanted brain probe or lead physically interacts with a specific, targeted region of the brain, spinal cord, or peripheral nerve. It’s at the neural interface where neuronal processes and circuits are stimulated by small electrical pulses or monitored by sensing small fluctuations in local electrical fields.  The neural interface is also where the brain may mount adverse tissue responses to the implanted device that affects device performance.

The neural interface is crucial because fit (position, size, shape, and layout of the probe and its electrode contacts relative to the neural target) and function (resolution and fidelity of stimulation and/or sensing of the targeted neural elements) place extreme constraints on overall system performance.

Innovation at the level of the microscale neural interface is a force multiplier for developing revolutionary types of high-value neurodevices and systems directed at current and emerging research and clinical indications.