Learning-related neural activity in olfactory cortex
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Learning-related neural activity in olfactory cortex...

Joost Maier et al. at Wake Forest School of Medicine used NeuroNexus A2x16-10mm-50-500-177-CM32 probes to record single units and population activity in rat posterior piriform cortex (pPC). They conditioned associations between odorants and sweetness to test the encoding of extra-olfactory (i.e., taste) features of an odor. Their results demonstrate that individual pPC neurons, as well as the population, discriminated sweet vs neutral odors on two different time scales....

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Neurons managing sugary meals...

In Cell Reports: NeuroNexus A2x16-10mm-50-500-177-A32 probes were used for acute, optically-guided recordings in the m...

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Discovering the oxytocin pathway...

Mai Iwasaki et al., supervised by Valery Grinevich and Alexandre Charlet, generated and studied a novel transgenic rat...

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With more than a dozen probe designs in our catalog bearing his name, Dr. Buzsáki has been a long-time NeuroNexus collaborator and a staunch advocate for the use of silicon probes. Check out what the Biggs Professor of Neuroscience at the NYU School of Medicine had to say about the NeuroNexus experience below.

Dr. György Buzsáki

As the Director of the UCLA Neurocardiology Center for Excellence, Dr. Ardell is currently using NeuroNexus technology to help develop arrays that can stimulate and collect high-density recordings from the heart. Watch the video below to learn more about his development process.

Dr. Jeffrey Ardell

Dr. Ajijola is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the UCLA Cardiac Arrhythmia Center. Check out his NeuroNexus story below to discover how our state-of-the-art hardware, software, and neural interfaces have made his complex research easier to manage.

Dr. Olujimi Ajijola

As a Professor of Medicine and the director of the UCLA Cardiac Arrhythmia Center, Dr. Shivkumar was looking for a way to streamline and simplify his research processes. Watch the video below to see how NeuroNexus supported his team.

Dr. Kalyanam Shivkumar