How does the brain work? How does the heart work? How can we better diagnose and treat injuries and diseases in and across the nervous and cardiovascular systems to maintain health and live longer, more fulfilling lives? These are some of the biggest, most complex, and most significant questions facing the world today. Helping to empower and accelerate scientific discovery to address these questions is what drives and motivates us at NeuroNexus.

Developing probe technologies for high-fidelity interfaces to the nervous system and heart and software technologies for analyzing and visualizing the resulting complex data streams requires world-class knowledge and technical expertise. Translating these technologies to high-quality products that are used every day by researchers around the world requires excellence in production, sales and marketing and customer support. These are not easy tasks, even on good days. To be successful, NeuroNexus is a team of performers, where each person is excellent in their job and where, working together, our small company is much more than the sum of its parts.

How does this all translate to us as individuals? At NeuroNexus, we seek and reward people who exemplify each of the following traits: