Connector Types


Omnetics Nano connectors are some of the most widely available connectors in neuroscience. Their small size makes them ideal for chronic applications.


Package Weight #CH Connector
CM16LP 0.16 g 16 Omnetics NPD18 (2 Guideposts)
CM32 0.29 g 32 Omnetics NPD36 (4 Guideposts)
SEACM64 1.26 g 64 Mates with Plexon’s HST/64DS Headstage


CM-series probes mate directly with common Omnetics-based headstages:

  • Blackrock Cereplex-M, 32 channels only; an adaptor is needed for 16ch
  • Intan/OpenEphys RHD and RHS 16ch and 32ch
  • MultiChannel Systems W2100-HS16
  • Neuralynx HS-16-N2T only; an adaptor is needed for all others
  • Plexon HST/16 and HST/32
  • Ripple Nano2 and Pico