Headstage Adaptors

If you have a headstage adaptor that does not connect directly to one of our probe packages, you might need a headstage adaptor. If you cannot find an adaptor to meet your needs in the lists below, custom adaptors can be fabricated.

NOTE: When mapping electrode sites to the headstage with an adaptor, the adaptor map must be taken into consideration. Adaptor maps describe the channel routing through the adaptor.

Adpt-Q4-OM8 Acute Qtrode – Omnetics8 headstage
Adpt-Q4-OM16 Acute Qtrode – Omnetics16 headstage
Adpt-Q4-OM32 Acute Qtrode – Omnetics32 headstage
Adpt-CQ4-OM8 CQ4 or HQ4 – Plexon headstage
Adpt-CQ4-OM16 CQ4 or HQ4 – Omnetics16 headstage
Adpt-CQ4-OM32 CQ4 or HQ4 – Omnetics32 headstage
Adpt-A16-OM16 A16 Probe – Omnetics16 headstage
Adpt-A16-OM32 A16 Probe – Omnetics32 headstage
Adpt-A32-OM16* A32 Probe – Omnetics16 headstage
Adpt-A32-OM32 A32 Probe – Omnetics32 headstage
Adpt-OM32-OM16x2 Acute Qtrode – Omnetics8 headstage
Adpt-Z32-OM32 Z32/HZ32 Probe – Omnetics32 headstage
Adpt-A64-OM32X2 A64 Probe – (2x) Omnetics32 headstages
Adpt-Z64-OM32x2 Z64/HZ64 Probe – (2x) Omnetics32 headstages

*Loss of sites

Adpt-Q4-A32 Acute Qtrode – 32 channel SAMTEC headstage
Adpt-CQ4-A32 CQ4 or HQ4 – 32 channel SAMTEC headstage
Adpt-A16-A32 A16 Probe – 32 channel SAMTEC headstage
Adpt-A64-A32x2 A64 Probe – (2x) 32 channel SAMTEC headstage
Adpt-OM16-A32 Omnetics16 Probe (CM16, H16 etc.) – 32 channel SAMTEC headstage
Adpt-OM16x2-A32 (2x) Omnetics16 Probe (CM16, H16 etc.) – 32 channel SAMTEC headstage
Adpt-OM32-A32 Omnetics32 Probe (CM32, H32 etc.) – 32 channel SAMTEC headstage
Adpt-OMC32-A32 HC32 Probe – 32 channel SAMTEC headstage
Adpt-Z32-A32 Z32/HZ32 Probe – 32 channel SAMTEC headstage
Adpt-Z64-A64 Z64/HZ64 Probe – (2x) SAMTEC headstage
Adpt-A64-SEAF8 A64 Probe – SEAF8 headstage (Plexon)
Adpt-Q4-Z16/32 Acute Qtrode – ZC16 or ZC32 headstage
Adpt-CQ4-Z16/32 CQ4 or HQ4 – ZC16 or ZC32 headstage
Adpt-A16-Z16 A16 Probe – ZC16 or ZC32 headstage
Adpt-A32-Z32 A32 Probe – ZC32 headstage
Adpt-A64-Z64 A64 Probe – ZC64 headstage
Adpt-OM16-Z16 Omnetics16 Probe (CM16, H16, etc.) – ZC16 or ZC32 headstage
Adpt-OM32-Z32 Omnetics32 Probe (CM32, H32 etc.) – ZC32 headstage
Adpt-OMC32-Z32 HC32 Probe – ZC32 headstage
Adpt-CQ4-MMAX11 CQ4 or HQ4 – Mill-Max 11 headstage
Adpt-OM16-MMAX18 Omnetics16 Probe (CM16, H16 etc.) – Mill-Max 18 headstage
Adpt-OM32-MMAX34 Omnetics32 Probe (CM32, H32 etc.) – Mill-Max 34 headstage
Adpt-Q4-A16 Acute Qtrode – Dual Inline Pin (16 channels) headstage
Adpt-CQ4-A16 CQ4 or HQ4 – Dual inline pin (16 channels) headstage
Adpt-A32-A16x2 A32 Probe – Inline pin (32 channels) headstage
Adpt-OM16-A16 Omnetics16 Probe (CM16, H16 etc.) – Dual inline pin (16 channels) headstage
Adpt-MR_OM32-BrainAmp MR Omnetics32 Probe – BrainAmp headstage
Adpt-Z16-A16 Z16 or HZ16 Probe – Dual inline pin (16 channels) headstage

*Loss of sites

NeuroNexus has developed an adapter-based solution that interfaces with the standard connectors used in commercially available electrodes such as silicon probes or microwires. This approach has enabled the X-Headstages™ to be more compact, even with the adaptors installed. Moreover, when pins do break, X-Headstages™ can be easily and cost-effectively repaired instead of being discarded. We offer X-Series probes for direct interfaces with the X-Headstage™.