oDrive (Optogenetics-enabled Microdrive)



The oDrive is the optogenetics-enabled version of the compact and accurate dDrive chronic microdrive.

Key Features:

  • 150 µm/turn – Carefully target brain layers with the oDrive’s high accuracy.
  • Right-sized for different animal models – The oDrive comes intwo sizes for different animal models. Minimize strain on a small animal or rodent with the oDrive-m, or size up to the oDrive-xL for larger brains and animals.
  • Lightweight – The oDrive-m weighs 0.65 g, while the oDrive-xL weighs 0.9 g.
  • Fiber options – Select from four different optical fiber options to match your needs. See specifications below for more information.
  • Simplified implant – NeuroNexus worked closely with labs to develop a low-risk implant procedure. Ask us for a demonstration video!