The new pDrive is a an implantable chamber and microdrive assembly designed for chronic use in large animals. Based on the widely-used dDrive, the pDrive microdrive can increase the effectiveness and longevity of chronic experiments.

  • Compatible with chronic Vector Arrays and and most H-style standard probes
  • Drive range: 22 mm (tall pDrive, above left) or 7 mm (short pDrive, above right)
  • Fine drive resolution for utmost depth control: 250 µm/turn (long pDrive) or 150 µm/turn (short pDrive)
  • Probe position can be adjusted in 3 axes (x, y, z) prior to implant
  • Multi-drive capable

The Long pDrive is optimized for applications where an extended drive range and/or deeper insertions are needed.

  • Drive range: 22.0 mm
  • Drive resolution: 250 µm/turn

The Short pDrive is optimized for applications where an smaller and lighter chronic drive solution is beneficial.

  • Drive range: 7.0 mm
  • Drive resolution: 150 µm/turn