rDrive with 3 implantable chamber options


NeuroNexus’ first reusable microdrive supports chronic implantation and subsequent recovery of H-style Activus NNx probes. Configure with one of three disposable chamber implant styles.

  • Reusable – The drive mechanism plus probe are recoverable for re-use.
  • Compact – Only 16mm tall, with headstage included.
  • Flexible applications – Chamber options small enough for mouse or protective enough for larger animal use.

Compatible with H-style Activus NNx packages with uHDMI (SmartLink) or Intan output.

The rDrive is currently designed for AVH64 and AVIH64 packages.

To order an rDrive, select a NeuroNexus standard or custom, 1D or 2D silicon probe and an H-style Activus package.

Ships with:

  • 3 styles of disposable chamber implant
  • Insertion tool

Ships individually.


System requirements

One of the following:

Plus Radiens Analytics software suite