• High recording resolution – Discover fine detail with our unique high-resolution cardiac grids.
  • Vast design space – Grids can be customized to your specific needs. Adjust size, channel count, contact density, and more. Special features can be integrated to cope with the particular demands of neurocardiology.
  • Low noise from tissue movement – Our cardiac grids have been engineered and tested to minimize noise from tissue movement.
  • Record from both surface and depth – Combine a surface grid with a penetrating probe to establish a concurrent surface and depth interface.
  • Varied applications – In addition to recording from the cardiac surface, NeuroNexus cardiac grids can also interface with a variety of nerves.

This video shows data acquired from the cardiac grid in the first video, using the SmartBox data acquisition system. The SmartBox automatically maps the surface grid, and synchronizes with and displays any external peripherals. Together, NeuroNexus cardiac grids and the SmartBox offer a plug-and-play solution for any researcher performing experimental cardiac work.

NeuroNexus Cardiac Surface Grids are currently custom, project-based products. Contact us today to discuss your project and electrode array needs.