Custom Design
Custom Design

Custom Design

NeuroNexus offers custom design services that provide unique access to infinite possibilities within our design space. Almost any feature of a penetrating or surface electrode array can be tailored to suit your application. Custom adaptors and cables can be fabricated to match almost any experimental setup.


The unique NeuroNexus custom design service can catapult research experiments to the forefront of electrophysiology research. NeuroNexus can turn an idea or theory into a functioning solution. We like to say, “If you can draw it, we can produce it.”

“The outstanding engineers at NeuroNexus realized my ideal probe design. The silicon probes with high-density contacts made my experiments much finer and more convincing.”

Dr. Susumu Takahashi

Doshisha University

Custom Design Layout

Each custom probe includes:

  • Consultation with our engineering team to validate the feasibility of your proposed design
  • Translation of your design into a CAD layout
  • Formal design review with our technical team
  • State-of-the-art microfabrication of your design
  • Packaging and testing of your fabricated probes

Contact us with your idea.

All new designs going through the Custom Design Process will be assessed a $1,500 non-refundable engineering fee.

Greater than 64 Channels Up to 64 Channels Up to 32 Channels
Minimum Order Quantity 5 5 10
Yield Allowance 15% irregular sites allowed 1-2 irregular sites allowed


To begin your custom design, fill out this form and send it to

Specifications to consider for customization:

Penetrating probe

  1. Recording span
  2. Insertable length
  3. Electrode site spacing
  4. Shank spacing
  5. Site area


Customize a penetrating probe

ECoG Grids

  1. Device footprint or grid coverage
  2. Integrated ribbon cable length
  3. Electrode site diameter
  4. Positions of any holes for penetrating electrodes

Customize an ECoG grid


EEG Grids

  1. Device footprint and grid spacing OR specify stereotaxic coordinates of each electrode site
  2. Integrated ribbon cable length

Customize an EEG grid