SmartBox Pro

High-quality acquisition and recording of up to 1024 channels of neural and biological signals.

Every signal has x-y-z signal coordinate relative to the neural target.

SmartBox Pro

Plug-and-play compatibility with all NeuroNexus probes and electrode arrays

A slim chassis means that SmartBox Pro takes up less space in tight working environments.

SmartBox Pro

Allego Software’s color-coded channels enable intuitive experiment management.

Unique, highly interactive, probe-centered user interface that allows the researcher to remain focused on the experiment at hand

High performance

Up to 1024 lightening fast channels for real-time processing of spikes, field potentials and other physiological signals. Our innovative and cutting-edge software allows for a customizable workstation to save time and acquire the best data every time.


Affordable, Easy to Integrate, Open Neuroscience-friendly

The seamless integration between Smartbox Pro and NeuroNexus probes provides a complete experimental solution with high-end performance and features at a comparatively low price. SmartBox Pro helps you put more of your time and resources into high-impact science.

  • Powerful
  • Portable
  • Impedance Measurement
  • Seamless Probe Integration
  • Built to Keep Pace with Neuroscience
  • Flexible Post-Processing and Data Analysis
  • Allego - High Performance Software
  • Stereotactic Registeration of Signals

Allego Software: Intuitive “Probe-centric” User Interface

The Smartbox Pro’s innovative probe-centric interface provides instant and precise spatio-temporal relationships among signals – an important feature as probes become more complex.

Simply connect a NeuroNexus probe and headstage amplifier and start focusing on your science!

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