SmartBox Pro TM


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Collect the Highest Quality Electrophysiological Signals

The NeuroNexus SmartBox ProTM is an extremely powerful, budget-friendly, easy to use, and portable data acquisition system designed for research labs with high throughput needs. This low-noise, high-performance, and plug-and-play signal processing system provides seamless integration and flexibility with the variety of microelectrode types and includes all components necessary for intuitive signal acquisition and processing for up to 1024 electrode contacts. SmartBox Pro is a multifunctional and a complete all-in-one solution system built for experiment control, and electrode diagnostics. This powerful data acquisition system supports a variety of experiment types and empowers you to monitor the electrical activity of any type of electrical cell (e.g. neuron, cardiomyocytes) in real-time for in vivo and in vitro applications and the integrated digital and analog I/O boards allows you to synchronize your recorded data with external stimuli, behavioral, closed-loop, and video markers.

Key Features:

  • Low noise and powerful performance – Fully digital, independently isolated connection to front end
  • Investigate large-scale networks – Monitoring of up to 1024 channels of simultaneous electrical activity in real-time across a wide range of cells types, including neural, cardiac, and skeletal muscle functional modules
  • Plug-and-Play configuration – Easy installation on Windows/Mac/Linux, securing the high-speed connection between SmartBox ProTM and Laptop/PC using USB 3.0 cable, andease of use by auto-detection of SmartLink headstages
  • Flexible and easy interface with peripherals – Integrated multiple digital/analog inputs and output ports allow the pairing with third party instruments for closed-loop applications including behavioral, stimulation, and optogenetic assays
  • Probe-centric user interface – SmartBox ProTM utilizes Allego software that includes electrode array mapping and visualization tools to make real-time analysis quick, painless, and intuitive
  • Precisely control – Real-time processing of electrophysiological signals and decoding of spike waveforms
  • Impedance measurement – Monitor the electrode site impedance of your devices at 1 kHz frequency to confirm electrode viability
  • Flexible off-line analysis – The binary formatof raw data is easily convertible toMatlab file formats or other conventional formats commonly used for data analysis