• Flexible and durable – Fabricated with our polymer MEMS technology, our EEG probes easily conform to the skull. Use a drop of water to adhere the probe to the skull.
  • Stable – High quality EEG recordings have been obtained over months.
  • Optimized array designs – Select from a variety of EEG array designs featuring different recording site placements, for different applications or animal models.

“Recordings with the multi-site grid were stable over periods of months (up to 3 months were tested without a significant reduction of signal quality). Over the course of epileptogenesis, seizures and other types of large amplitude interictal discharges were easily localized with the EEG grid.”

Drs. Liset de la Prida + Manuel Valero
Instituto Cajal – CSIC

NeuroNexus EEG probes are a relatively new product in our portfolio. If you are unable to find an array design that meets your needs, please Contact us and tell us about your project. We may be able to design a new array for you!