4-Channel Probes


penetrating image


NeuroNexus Qtrodes are low-cost 4-channel probes designed to replace tetrodes and/or wires in your lab. Qtrodes are also ideal for acute or chronic experiments requiring lower channel counts.

Key Features:

  • Predictable geometry – Obtain consistent recording results with precise, reproducible geometry and electrical characteristics from our silicon probes.
  • Optogenetics-compatible – Combine an acute or chronic Qtrode with an optical fiber to combine electrophysiology with optogenetic stimulation. Opto-Qtrodes use the “O” prefix designation, e.g. “OCQ4.”
  • Improved Chronic experiments – Combine a Qtrode with a [microdrive](/products/accessories/micro-drives) for potentially better chronic experiment longevity and data yield.
  • Fast Delivery – Qtrodes are stocked for quick shipment and delivery. Please note there is a minimum order of 5 Qtrodes. (This applies to all models.)