ECoG Surface Grids



NeuroNexus ECoG probes are ultra-flexible surface grids with high recording resolution, designed to conform closely to the brain surface for electrocorticography.

Key Features:

  • Flexible and durable – Fabricated with our polymer MEMS technology, our ECoG probes can conform to the brain surface.
  • Optimized array designs – Select from a variety of ECoG array designs featuring different site spacings, for different applications or animal models.
  • Versatile – Combine an ECoG probe with a NeuroNexus penetrating array to establish concurrent surface and intracortical interfaces.

"The chronic version of the Micro-ECoG electrodes from NeuroNexus made our implant procedure on the cerebellum much easier and more reliable. Electrode breakage is no longer a problem."

Dr. Mesut Sahin

New Jersey Institute of Technology