How would your experiments change if you had smaller, lighter-weight, simple-to-use packages for high-channel count probes? Activus probes empower you to scale up channel count with the added bonus of better signal-to-noise ratio. We combine NeuroNexus flagship silicon probe technology and full catalog of 64- and 128- and 256-channel designs with integrated electronics for onboard digitization. There is just a SmartLink™ or SPI cable connection to plug in for recording, and no headstage to handle. At the same time, the overall size and weight of Activus probe packages are still small enough for use with head-mounted mouse experimental models. We are also proud to bring researchers Activus-S: SiNAPS probes with integrated CMOS technology.

  • Virtually unlimited design space
  • Compatible with existing probe designs
  • Compatible with customized probe designs
  • Ultra-compact package
  • Improved signal-to-noise (SNR)
  • Multiplexed signals reduce connector size
  • Digitization close to signal source – leads to added protection against unwanted noise artifacts

System Requirements:

One of these three:

  • Smartbox Pro + Radiens Neuro-Analytics Suite
  • Open-ephys DAQ System
  • Intan DAQ System

Probe Options:
  • Electrodes: All passive probes: 64, 128, 256 sites
  • Shanks: 1-16, all passive probe options
  • Shank Lengths: 1.5-15mm, all passive probe options

Probe Package Options:
  • Cable or no cable (Chronic & Acute)
  • Cable Length: 30 or 40 mm
  • SmartBox Pro Interface Connector
  • Open-ephys & Intan Interface Connector
  • Compatible with implantable microdrives
  • Compatible with NNx insertion assist devices