Deep Brain Stimulation
Electrode Arrays

Deep Brain Stimulation

The NeuroNexus rDBSA (research Deep Brain Stimulation Array) is the research-grade version of an innovative clinical DBS technology.


Small Animal

  • Acute or chronic – The rDBSA is available in both acute and chronic versions.
  • High Resolution – Our 40-channel design enables precise, selective recording, and tunable microstimulation of deep brain structures.


  • Small Animal – We also offer a rat-sized rDBSA designed in collaboration with Daniel Ehrens at Johns Hopkins University

Globus Pallidus rDBSA layout with 4x8 stimulation sites and 8 recording sites Substantia Nigra rDBSA layout with 4x8 stimulation sites and 8 recording sites16-channel small animal rDBSA layout with 4 stimulation bars and 10 recording sites, plus an internal reference

32 Channels – Omnetics NPD36 connector; choose a subset of 32 channels, typically the 32 stimulation channels

40 Channels – Flex40: access all 40 channels

Ehrens – Omnetics NPD18 connector

rDBSA Probes Properties

Electrode Site Material


Substrate Material


Lead Diameter

0.75 mm

Penetration Length

Up to 45 mm

Electrode Contact Shape


Channel Count

32 stimulating, 8 recording (Total 40)