Over 10 mm Depth
Electrode Arrays

Large Animal

The Vector Array™  is optimized for large animal deep brain applications, utilizing NeuroNexus silicon microelectrode technology with added length and strength. Choose the Vector Array™ for repeated acute use or chronic implantation recording in targets multiple centimeters deep in tissue.

  • Reach deep brain structures – The Vector ArrayTM comes in 70 mm and 110 mm implantable lengths to reach deep structures in large animal models.
  • High resolution – Record and/or stimulate with 16, 32, or 64 channels. The Vector ArrayTM features the same precise electrode geometry and contact density as other NeuroNexus microelectrode arrays.
  • Versatile – Configure the Vector ArrayTM for acute or chronic applications.
  • Microdrive compatible – The pDrive chamber microdrive system facilitates chronic deep brain applications with the Vector ArrayTM.
  • Optogenetics compatible – An optical fiber can be mounted on the Vector ArrayTM for optogenetics applications.
  • Many options – Specify a laminar array design, or utilize multiple representation techniques with a Poly2 contact layout. Alternatively, design your own custom Vector ArrayTM.
  • Robust hybrid assembly – The Vector ArrayTM combines a high-resolution silicon MEA with a rigid stainless steel support body. This arrangement provides strength where needed while minimizing tissue damage at the recording sites.
  • Inexpensive – With a low cost per use, the Vector ArrayTM increases your data yield while saving you money.
  • Edge sites provide a Linear layout, but electrode sites are strategically positioned at along a vertical edge of the shank.
  • Polytrode electrode site layout is available as Poly2 (two columns of sites). This offers a mix of linear and traditional tetrode benefits, with sites close enough together to allow a degree of redundancy across different sites while sampling a larger space.

Acute Vector ArraysTM
The Acute Vector ArrayTMThe Acute Vector ArrayTM is optimized for acute deep brain applications, utilizing NeuroNexus microelectrode technology to record and stimulate in high resolution in hard-to-reach structures.

Chronic Vector ArraysTM
Chronic Vector ArraysTM
The Chronic Vector ArrayTM enables access to deep brain structures (> 10 mm deep) during chronic applications. Request VC-series connector packages.

Chronic Vector ArraysTM can be configured with implantable lengths from 30 – 55 mm. Please factor in implantation hardware (clamps, etc.) when configuring your probe.

Opto Vector ArraysTMOpto Vector ArraysTM


Acute Vector Array™ can be configured with a 50µm- or 105µm-core optical fiber on the silicon shank. Request OV-series connector packages.

Channel Count

Acute: 16,32,64
Chronic: 16,32

Connector Type

Acute: Omnetics NPD18 (V16, OV16), Omnetics NPD36 (V32, OV32, V64, OV64)
Chronic: Omnetics NPD18 (VC16), Omnetics NPD36 (VC32), Zif-Clip (VZC16, VZC32)

Implantable Length*

Acute: 70 mm or 110 mm
Chronic: 30 mm or 55 mm

Silicon Electrode Width

20 µm min (Edge design), 75 µm min (Poly2 design), 175 µm max

Silicon Electrode Thickness

50 µm

Site Area

177 µm 2

Site Coverage

Acute: 375 µm – 6300 µm
Chronic: 375 µm – 3100 µm; depending on design

Site Material



Single Unit or LFP recording, stimulation

Support Body Diameter (non-recording area)

315 µm OD (16-ch), 400 µm OD (32-ch and 64-ch)

* Implantable length does not factor in chamber offset from the brain surface. Please consider this measurement when ordering.

Opto-Vector ArrayTM Fiber Options:

  • 50 µm dia. core / 62.5 µm dia. cladding / 0.22 NA
  • 50 µm dia. core / 85 µm O.D. / 0.22 NA / Coupling Loss: -3.2 dB per junction (measured with NeuroNexus standard 105 µm patch cable)
  • 105 µm dia. core / 125 µm dia. cladding / 0.22 NA
  • 105 µm dia. core / 125 µm dia. cladding / 0.66 NA
Vector ArrayTM Alignment Device Used to mount a guide tube and/or protective sleeve onto the Vector ArrayTM
Guide tube Stainless steel, 23 gauge, 35 mm length
OM32-M-F-Jumper_MRI MRI compatible 32-ch Omnetics male-to-female jumper (approx. 2.5″ / 63.5 mm)
OM32/16_x2-Jumper_MRI MRI compatible 32-ch Omnetics male to 2x 16-ch Omnetics female jumper (approx. 2.25″ / 57 mm)
Adpt-OM32-A32 Connects 32-ch Vector ArrayTM to 32-ch SAMTEC headstage
Adpt-OM32-OM16x2 Connects 32-ch Vector ArrayTM to two 16-ch Omnetics headstages
Adpt-OM32-Z32 Connects 32-ch Vector ArrayTM to 32-ch Zif Clip™ headstage

First-time Vector ArrayTM purchases come with a free non-functioning mechanical sample.