Peripheral Nerve Cuffs


EEG Image


NeuroNexus Nerve Cuffs enable high-resolution recording and stimulation in peripheral nerve applications. Nerve Cuffs can be custom designed and pre-curved to interface with a variety of nerves. With a thickness of merely 15 μm, the Nerve Cuff is extremely fl exible, allowing it to be wrapped around a nerve. Our versatile MEMS process lets you design recording and stimulation sites in almost any confi guration to meet your experimental needs. Alternatively, a sieve-type microelectrode array can be realized by designing arrays with holes, which can be seeded with neural growth factor to promote axonal growth through the microelectrode sites.

Key Features:

  • Flexible and durable – Fabricated with our polymer MEMS technology, our Nerve Cuff probes easily wrapp around a nerve.
  • Stable – High quality recordings and stimulations have been obtained over months.
  • Optimized array designs – Select from a variety of Cuff array designs featuring different recording site placements, and channel count for different applications or animal models.