Electrode Arrays

Peripheral Nerve Cuffs

NeuroNexus Nerve Cuffs enable high-resolution recording and stimulation in peripheral nerve applications, and can be pre-curved to interface with a variety of nerves. A sieve-type microelectrode array can also be realized by designing arrays with holes to seed with neural growth factor to promote axonal growth between the microelectrode sites.

  • Flexible and durable – Fabricated with our polymer MEMS technology, our Nerve Cuff probes easily wrap around a nerve.
  • Stable – High quality recordings and stimulation have been obtained over months.
  • Optimized array designs – Select from a variety of Cuff array designs featuring different recording site placements, and channel count for different applications or animal models.

Peripheral Nerve Cuffs Properties

Arrays Thickness

15 µm

Electrode Site Material


substrate Material


Channel Count

3,24 (varies by design). Custom options available.

Available Packages

H16, H32

Unless otherwise specified, NeuroNexus peripheral nerve cuffs are pre-curved with 350µm (C3), 2.6 mm (C12) or 900µm (C24) diameters.

Cuffs can be curved in two ways:


Please specify when ordering if you require a different diameter or alternative direction for curving, or if you prefer to receive your arrays flat. The custom tempering needs more time to order specialized tubes. Please note that the accuracy of the tempering is tube dependant.