Chronic Vector ArraysTM


chronic vector image


The chronic Vector ArrayTM enables access to deep brain structures (> 10 mm deep) during chronic applications.

Chronic Vector ArraysTM can be configured with implantable lengths from 30 – 55 mm. Please factor in implantation hardware (clamps, etc.) when configuring your probe.

Key Features:

  • High resolution – Record and/or stimulate with 16, 32, or 64 channels. The Vector ArrayTM features the same precise electrode geometry and contact density as other NeuroNexus microelectrode arrays.
  • Versatile – Configure the Vector ArrayTM for acute or chronic applications.
  • Microdrive compatible – The pDrive chamber microdrive system facilitates chronic deep brain applications with the Vector ArrayTM.
  • Optogenetics compatible – An optical fiber can be mounted on the Vector ArrayTM for optogenetics applications. (See Specifications below for fiber options. Opto-Vector packages use “OV” designation.)
  • Many options – Specify a laminar array design, or utilize multiple representation techniques with a Poly2 contact layout. Alternatively, design your own custom Vector ArrayTM.
  • Robust hybrid assembly – The Vector ArrayTM combines a high-resolution silicon MEA with a rigid stainless steel support body. This arrangement provides strength where needed while minimizing tissue damage at the recording sites.
  • Inexpensive – With a low cost per use, the Vector ArrayTM increases your data yield while saving you money.