Motorized commutator’s functionality impacts the experiment’s outcome

The Alpha Omega AlphaComm-I is a motorized slip ring commutator that facilitates smooth tethering to research animals. It supports both neural recording and stimulation. The commutator actively tracks the rotation of the headstage cable and compensates, eliminating turn-induced torques on the research subject.

  • Supports up to two 128-channel connections through the SmartBox Pro or Intan-based system
  • High resolution sensing
  • Ability to control speed and sensitivity
  • Compatible with optogenetics (up to 4 fibers)
  • Supports drug delivery liquid tubes
  • Allows electrical stimulation up to 16 channels
  • Compatible with a variety of arena sizes and shapes
  • Supports 10 additional general purpose wires
  • The simple and stable mounting mechanism
  • Ergonomic design and ports layout

The motorized commutator is ideal for:

  • Free moving rodents
  • Long session experiments
  • Recording and stimulation (electrical/optical)
  • Advanced electrophysiology setups with external connections (drug delivery liquid tubes/sensors)