NeuralGlider Inserter

The NeuralGlider Inserter from Actuated Medical uses ultrasonic micro-vibration to reduce forces and resultant dimpling during neural implant insertions. ​​It has been tested in vitroex vivo, and in vivo with a variety of neural implants. The reduced insertion force facilitates slow (0.1 mm/s), accurate implant insertions while minimizing displacement/dimpling of the cortical surface, helping to preserve the integrity of the underlying neural tissue.

  • Reduces Insertion Force – Micron-scale, ultrasonic vibration during insertion reduces the force required to penetrate the brain surface.
  • Improves Accuracy – Reduced insertion force facilitates slow (0.1 mm/s or slower), accurate array insertions while minimizing dimpling or tissue displacement.
  • Preserves Tissue Integrity – Slow and accurate insertions with minimal tissue displacement can result in a better signal-to-noise ratio compared to conventional insertions.
  • Integrated software – Controls insertion velocity and depth.
  • Produces consistent insertions The NeuralGlider Inserter standardizes electrode insertions for all users so researchers can eliminate variability in electrode placement methodology (e.g., velocity, depth, tissue deformation) and ensure reproducibility across experiments.
  • Compatibility with a wide range of neural implants Custom coupling solutions are available to facilitate NeuralGlider Inserter use with a wide range of commercial and ‘homemade’ implant styles. Rental or purchase of the NeuralGlider Inserter includes engineering time to support the development of a coupler for your preferred neural implant.