Prizmatix High-Power LED Systems

Prizmatix specializes in ultra high-power LED illumination systems for optogenetics and microscopy.

NeuroNexus offers a variety of Prizmatix optogenetics solutions for both acute experiments and freely moving animals.


Prizmatix In Vivo Optogenetics Toolbox

A- Optogenetics-LED

Blue (ChR1,ChR2), Green (ArchT), Red (eNpHR3.0, red-shifted ChR) ultra-bright fiber coupled LEDs for in vivo optogenetics

B- Dual-Optogenetics-LED

Dual (Blue, Green, Red) ultra-bright fiber coupled LEDs with independent channels

C- Pulser

TTL pulse train generator featuring simple PC software for pulse programming

D- Rotary Joint

Low friction fiber optic Rotary Joint for in vivo optogenetics with small animals

E- Optogenetics-Fiber-1000

Polymer optical fiber, High NA, 1000 µm core, SMA to FC connectors

F- Optogenetics-Fiber-500 / Optogenetics-Fiber-2×500

Polymer optical fiber, High NA, 500 µm core, FC to ferrule. Dual (2×500) bundle available for bilateral stimulation

G- Sleeves

Zirconia sleeves for 2.5 mm or 1.25 mm cannula

H- Implantable Cannula

Ferrules diameters: 2.5 mm and lightweight 1.25 mm for smaller animals as mice