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Product Features

Allego Software

Manages large-scale neural network data sets at sample rates up to 30,000 samples/sec. Supports multiple data acquisition systems, probes and multi-modal signals.

Allego Software
Allego-High-Performance Software

Modern, interactive design with an intuitive probe-centric user-interface, high-quality graphics and customizable workspace.

Allego Software
Built to Keep Pace with Neuroscience

The totally new software platforms use the latest technologies to grow and expand with neuroscience application needs.

Allego Software
Automated Real-Time Mapping

Color-coded channels for intuitive recording during live neural sampling

Allego Software
Seamless Probe Integration

Plug-and-play compatibility with all neural electrodes, including fully integrated probe maps of NeuroNexus devices.

Allego Software
Flexible Post-Processing and Data Analysis

We save raw data alongside meta-data in popular, non-proprietary file formats for straightforward integration into existing data analysis workflows. Matlab, python, and R friendly.

Allego Software
Real-Time Signal Metrics Processing

Monitor the activity pattern of the network during electrophysiological recording

Allego Software
Cross-Platform Compatibility

USB 3.0 plug-and-play compatible that controls multiple data acquisition systems and runs on laptop and workstations (Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible)

Product Advantages

Allego has the advantages of being able to pair with multiple data acquisition systems and allowing recorded data to be easily converted for off-line analysis. The intuitive user interface presents an extensive library of functions, like a history window for replaying and reviewing recorded data as well as a toolbox of signal processing techniques. The toolbox includes a variety of approaches for signal filtering, physiological signal processing, signal metrics, and action potential recognition. The toolbox methods can be applied to individual electrode sites or the entire recording device.

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