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Product Features

Allego Software

Manages large-scale neural network data sets at sample rates up to 30,000 samples/sec. Supports multiple data acquisition systems, probes and multi-modal signals.

Allego Software

The totally new software suite uses the latest technologies to grow and expand with neuroscience application needs.

Allego Software

Save raw data and metadata in popular, non-proprietary file formats for straightforward integration into existing lab processes. Matlab, python, and R friendly.

Allego Software
Allego: High-Performance Software

Modern, interactive design with an intuitive probe-centric user-interface, high-quality graphics and customizable workspace.

Allego Software
Curate: Efficient Data Management

User-programmable batch processing interface for segmenting large data files, applying filters and more.

Allego Software
Videre: File-Based Visualization

Import and review data files with the ability to explore the functional interface as if you're back in the experiment room.

Allego Software
Automated Real-Time Mapping

Color-coded channels for in-the-moment 3D spatial insights. Probe layout metadata is also saved with every recording.

Allego Software
Cross-Platform Compatibility

USB 3.0 plug-and-play compatible that controls multiple data acquisition systems and runs on laptop and workstations (Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible)

Product Advantages

Imagine a turnkey window into the workings of the brain, and anybody can use it. The Radiens™ Analytics suite provides the only software solution that supports the entire electrophysiology workflow from data acquisition and control to advanced analytics, algorithms and visualization. It does this using a thoroughly modern, state-of-the-art, high-performance, secure, and scalable cloud data platform that is also open and compatible with existing workflows.

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