Radiens Allego Software

Powerful Real-time Experiment Feedback

Have confidence in the data being recorded by visualizing the 3D functional interface and tracking quality metrics in real time

Radiens Curate Software

Logical Data Management

Simple, modular data processing capabilities to enable repeatable analytics and batch processing

Radiens Videre Software

Re-experience the Recording Session with a New Perspective

Visualize a digital twin of your recent experiment’s 3D functional interface through DVR-like file playback, or analyze that backlog of data files

Intuitive Recording

Real-time processing of spikes, field potentials and other physiological signals. Our innovative and cutting-edge software allows for a customizable workstation to save time and acquire the best data every time.


Easy to Integrate, Open Neuroscience-friendly

The seamless integration between Allego and different data acquisition systems, or between Videre and multiple file types complements your existing electrophysiology workflow. Build on the framework to put more of your time and resources into high-impact science.

  • Powerful and high-performance software
  • Seamless Probe Integration
  • Built to keep pace with Neuroscience
  • Flexible Post-Processing and Data Analysis
  • Real-Time Signal Processing
  • Data Curation
  • Flexible Play Back and Visualization of the Recorded Data

Radiens Analytics Software: The Functional Interface Twin

Radiens Allego and Videre ’s probe-centric controls and novel 3D brain interface provide instant and precise spatio-temporal relationships among signals – an important feature as probes become more complex. Record 1024 channels, and make sense of it all before you click save.

Simply connect a NeuroNexus probe and headstage amplifier and start focusing on your science!

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