Radiens Allego



Allego software is the most advanced, sophisticated, and powerful real-time electrophysiological program designed for intuitive recording and managing large-scale neural network data sets. This online spike sorting program provides a flexible and customizable platform that includes a large collection of built-in microelectrode array styles that truly empowers researchers to improve their efficiency, experimental design, and decision making during live neural recordings.

Key Features:


Allego has the advantage of being able to pair with multiple data acquisition systems allowing the recorded data to be easily converted to other file formats for off-line analysis. The intuitive user interface presents an extensive library of functions, like a history window for replaying and reviewing the recorded data as well as a toolbox of signal processing technique. The toolbox includes a variety of approaches for signal filtering, physiological signal processing, signal metrics, and action potential recognition. The toolbox methods can be applied to individual electrode sites all the way up to the totality of the recording device.

  • Automated Real-Time Mapping, Color-Coded Channels, and Customizable User Interface

  • Real-Time Signal Metrics Processing


  • Flexible Offline Visualization Playback


  • Powerful Signal Processing


The merging of a broad range of tools into a single package facilitates a more integrated and advanced style of research, from the development of online analysis function during data acquisition, to the color-coded channels and monitoring the activity pattern of the network during electrophysiological recording.

Research Uses

  • Neurophysiology
  • Optical Neuroscience
  • Auditory Research
  • Behavioral Research
  • Electrocardiology