Data Acquisition

SiNAPS Interface Box

The SiNAPS Interface Box enables data acquisition from the world’s most sophisticated and capable neural probe technology.


For new users, the SiNAPS System Kit includes the SiNAPS Interface Box and SmartBox Pro bundled.


Acquisition Channel Count

up to 1024

A/D Resolution


Sampling Rates

20 ksamples/s per pixel


7” x 5” x 1.5” (LxWxH)


3.0 lbs

Ribbon Cable

18 inches



Ships with:

  • SiNAPS Interface Box
  • SiNAPS Box AC Adapter
  • SiNAPS Box Power Cord
  • 1 SiNAPS to Interface Box Ribbon Cable
  • 1 Interface Box to SmartBox Pro HDMI Cable

Select 256- or 1024-channel SiNAPS probes.

The SiNAPS Interface box is currently available bundled with the SmartBox Pro.