Radiens SEEK

Taking electrophysiology recording, stimulation, and analysis to the next level

The Radiens SEEK package consists of two apps and a python API:

  • Videre provides file-based analysis and visualization of Ephys big data sets via an intuitive UI.
  • Curate provides curation of Ephys big data sets via an intuitive UI.
  • radiens python package provides (optional) full programmatic control and extension of the apps.

The Radiens SEEK package is indicated if you need a high performance solution for file-based data analysis and visualization and early-stage data curation to get the most out of your data sets.  It provides a structured path for expanding and deepening your data analysis workflow over time. For example, you can run an automatic spike sorter against a large file and then playback the signal traces and the spiketrains for qualitative and quantitative review. You can build sophisticated, custom workflows with simple python scripts. Radiens handles the technical details so that you can focus on the science.

Videre app

The Videre app provides a powerful solution for file-based analysis and visualization.  It includes a rich feature set, including

  • Interactive neural interface digital twin for file-based visualization of probe position, signal metrics, and spike activity in the target structure.
  • Highly performant system suitable for analysis of big-data Ephys datasets.
  • Probe-Centric Interface: Intuitive signal selection and ordering for spatially registering each signal trace with respect to probe and brain.
  • Powerful signal conditioning, including filtering and virtual referencing
  • Python/MATLAB API:  First-class Python API for complete real-time programmatic control of the system and workflow alongside the app UIs.
  • Spike SorterInnovative ML-based fast, automatic spike sorter to quantify recordings and responses.  
  • Compatible with open neuroscience tools and workflows: Supports many common file formats.  Primary data stays securely in the lab tagged with UIDs for maintaining complete data provenance.

Curate app

The Curate app provides a UI-driven solution for fast, secure early-stage data curation. It includes a rich feature set, including

  • Intuitive UI for building complex, sequential procedures for data management and curation.
  • Extensive built-in list of signal conditioning and signal transforms, including time-series filtering and virtual referencing.
  • Powerful methods for slicing data sets in time and/or by signal.
  • Flexible methods for re-ordering signals in a data file.
  • Highly performant to handle datasets of all sizes, from individual short records to extensive big-data data archives.
  • Can be used in conjunction with the radiens Python package for scripting data curation workflows and traversing complex file systems.

radiens Python package

radiens is a professional-grade Python package that provides full programmatic control and extension of the UI-driven apps via Python (and Matlab) scripts that can work alone or alongside the apps themselves.

With Matlab’s built-in compatibility with Python, you also get fully programmatic control of the apps via Matlab.

The radiens Python package implements a high-quality Pythonic API.  Both beginner and advanced Python users can write relatively simple scripts that make function calls to running Allego and Curate in order to perform complex functions reliably and with very high performance.  This keeps your scripts ‘thin’, which every Python (and Matlab) developer recognizes as being important for reliable code.

radiens is available for free download from the Python package repository, PyPI.   It requires you to have an active Radiens license for connection to the Radiens system that must be running alongside.

For more info, check our online documentation