Z-Coat Services


Z-Coat is a novel, proprietary electrode material that is only available at NeuroNexus and designed specifically
to address shortcomings of conventional conductive polymers in the field of neuroscience research.

  • Z-Coat alters the electrode surface topography by increasing the effective surface area while retaining the
    original geometric surface area. Z-Coat is mechanically stable and suitable for repeated electrode insertion,
    in vivo.
  • Z-Coat reduced impedance and noise improves the recording capability of microelectrode arrays, giving the
    advantage of smaller amplitude signal detection. Z-Coat improves the signal-to-noise ratio which allows
    researchers to peer further into the tissue to detect low-amplitude signals that are typically buried in the noise
    when using conventional electrode materials.
  • Z-Coat improves charge storage capacity leading to increased electrode stimulation efficacy. Additionally, Z-Coat
    also reduces the photoelectric effect.