The OptogeniX ThetaStation-1 is an opto-mechanical tool designed to perform in vivo site-selective stimulation with OptogeniX tapered fibers. The ThetaStation-1 can be used with any fiber-coupled source of visible light (either laser or LED).



The ThetaStation-1 is manually operated and is applied for site-selective light delivery with tapered fibers. Once the optrode has been implanted, the emitting sub-region of the tapered fiber can be adjusted using the micrometric screw on the ThetaStation-1.

The emitting sub-region of the tapered fiber depends on:

  • Type of fiber used for experiment
  • Type of light source used
  • Input and output patch cables used

Before your experiment, it is strongly advised that you build up a calibration table for the optrode, light source, and patch cables you intend to use in your experiment. Please refer to the ThetaStation-1 guide (p.2-4) for detailed instructions on how to do this.

Optogenix Properties

External Light Source

Fiber-coupled laser or LED

Input Port


Output Port

FC/PC or SMA905


16 cm x 16 cm x 19 cm


5 kg

Items to be purchased with the Theta Statation: