XDAQ Core front/side view
Data Acquisition

X-Series : XDAQ Core

The XDAQ Core is the most future-proof and versatile entry-level ephys hub available.  It supports high-quality recording up to 512 channels and electrical stimulation configurable to 16 or 32 channels.

Need even more capability or flexibility? Consider the XDAQ One.

XDAQ systems run on Radiens™ Allego, with automated data mapping, monitoring and visualization plus stimulation control.


Front of XDAQ Core SystemXDAQ Core Back View

  • 512 recording channels
  • 16 or 32 channels of stimulation
  • 1 channel Analog BNC I/O
  • 1 channel Digital BNC I/O
  • 2 IO Expander connectors
  • IO Port
  • 2.5 mm Headphone Jack Audio Out
  • Standard Ground
  • USB-C Power

XDAQ Core Recording Specifications*

Sampling Rate 1 kS/s to 30 kS/s per channel

Channel Count 512, 128 per port
A/D Resolution 16-bit ADC, ± 5 mV input
Input Inferred Noise 2.4 μVrms
Hardware High-Pass Filter 100 -20 kHz
Hardware Low-Pass Filter 0.1 – 500 Hz

*When used with X-Headstage™

XDAQ Core Simulation Specifications

Available Stimulation Ports Port 1
Channel Count 16, 32
Constant Current Output Amplitude ±10 nA to ±2.5 mA
Waveform Shape Biphasic, Triphasic, Burst
Compliance ± 5 V


When ordering an XDAQ™ Core system, consider the following accompanying products:

  • X-Headstage™ – The X3SR-series is required for stimulation
  • Activus NNx probes – Recording with no headstage needed
  • HDMI Cable(s)
  • IO Expander – Add 6 analog ins and outs to connect more of your experiment to your DAQ