XDAQ One corner view
Data Acquisition

X-Series : XDAQ One

The XDAQ One provides the most input-output flexibility in a data acquisition system. Select 512 or 1024 channels of recording and 64 or 128 channels of stimulation. 

For an entry-level system, consider the XDAQ Core.

XDAQ systems run on Radiens™ Allego, with automated data mapping, monitoring and visualization plus stimulation control.


XDAQ One back view

  • TruGround terminal for noise/grounding optimization
  • Fan-less design with heavy duty, aluminum heatsink enclosure
  • Line out for real-time audio monitoring
  • Triggered episodic recording
  • Flexible referencing
  • In-situ impedance measurement

XDAQ™ One Recording Specifications*

Sampling Rate 1 kS/s to 30 kS/s per channel

Channel Count 512 (port 1,2), 1024 (port 1,2,3,4); 256 per port
Analog IN/OUT  +/-10 V
Input Inferred Noise 2.4 μVrms
Hardware High-Pass Filter 100 -20 kHz
Hardware Low-Pass Filter 0.1 – 500 Hz

*When used with X-Headstage™

XDAQ™ One Simulation Specifications

Available Stimulation Ports port 1 and port 2 (64-ch version), all ports (128-ch version); each port can support up to 32-ch stim
Channel Count 64, 128
Constant Current Output Amplitude ±10 nA to ±2.5 mA
Waveform Shape Biphasic, Triphasic, Burst
Advanced Compliance Control Options ± 7 V, +10 to -3 V, +3 to -10 V, customizable

When ordering an XDAQ™ One system, consider the following accompanying products:

  • X-Headstage™ – The X3SR-series is required for stimulation, or combine up to four X6-series headstages
  • Activus NNx probes – Recording with no headstage needed
  • HDMI Cable(s) – 0.8 m or 3 m
  • IO Expander – Add 6 analog ins and outs to connect more of your experiment to your DAQ

Check X-Series Knowledge Base for a brief overview of the X-Series products and some of its basic functions.

XDAQ Brochure

In addition to the ultra-small X-Headstages, XDAQ also supports existing headstages that are compatible with Intan systems, such as those from NeuroNexus and Intan itself. However, an adapter is required to properly re-map the control and data signals to run these headstages and their corresponding accessories.
Fortunately, NeuroNexus offers adapters that allow X-Headstages to interface with existing controllers from Open-Ephys, Intan Controllers, SmartBox, and other similar systems. These adapters also enable XDAQ to use existing Intan-compatible headstages from Smartlink, Intan, and other compatible manufacturers.
NeuroNexus can easily provide adapters for other solutions not already supported. Contact us for more information.

XDAQ to Smart link Adapter
To use NeuroNexus headstages with the XDAQ, simply connect the adapter to the HDMI ports and then use the Smartlink cable to link it up. This will allow you to use the NeuroNexus headstages directly with the XDAQ.

XDAQ to Intan RHS Headstage Adapter

To use the original Intan cables and headstages with the XDAQ, plug in this adapter into the HDMI ports. This will enable you to use the Intan RHS chips directly with the XDAQ. It’s worth noting that each adapter has the capability to drive up to 2 Intan RHS chips.

XDAQ to Intan RHD Headstage Adapter

To use the original Intan cables and headstages with the XDAQ, simply plug in this adapter to the HDMI ports. This will allow you to connect the Intan RHD chips directly to the XDAQ using the original cables and headstages. Keep in mind that each adapter has the capacity to drive up to 4 Intan RHD chips.