Press Release – February 2, 2022

Imagine a turnkey set of tools that provide a window into the workings of the brain, and anybody can use them. NeuroNexus is proud to establish its Summa Framework for electrophysiology. We’re beginning with a complete and integrated experimental workflow including Activus active probes, the SmartBox Pro™ data acquisition hardware and the Radiens™ Analytics software suite. Let us build simplicity, efficiency, confidence and reproducibility into your research. Read today’s press release to learn more!


Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from NeuroNexus! Our offices will be closed from Dec. 23rd-26th while our team takes time to celebrate with family. If an urgent matter arises, please contact your account manager and copy


Visit the NeuroNexus booth at AES2021!

Looking to record and identify seizures quickly and accurately? Need to record from the brain surface and simultaneously record or stimulate at depth? Ask us about fully-integrated data collection and analysis platforms from NeuroNexus.

With our experienced team, you can expect multiple levels of support throughout any stage of your experiment or study.

Learn more through recent publications using NeuroNexus for epilepsy research..


NeuroNexus and Inscopix to collaborate on integrated brain electrophysiology and imaging device!

We're proud to be partnering with Inscopix to support increasingly multi-modal experiments, including integrated electrophysiology and imaging.


Meet our newest iteration of electrophysiology microdrives!

We’ve reimagined our oDrive and dDrive with your user experience in mind. Using years of customer feedback to guide our designs, we created these products to have extra durability and ease-of-use while staying cost effective. You’ll enjoy a resolution of 250µm/turn using our M1x0.25mm threaded drive screw and compatibility with NeuroNexus electrodes and connector packages up to 64 channels.


New product package: H128LP

NeuroNexus has just released H128LP, a new 128-channel package. This compact package is intended for chronic recordings and can interface with 32- and 64-channel headstages. The H128LP is an alternative to the NeuroNexus S-series and I-series probes, and comes in an acute option also: the AC128. Contact our sales team at to learn more about this new NeuroNexus product.

Webinar on non-periodic electrical stimulation!

Please join us for an exciting presentation by Vinícius Rosa Cota, PhD, on nonperiodic stimulation (NPS). Dr. Cota is an assistant professor in the department of Electrical Engineering at the Universidade Federal de São João Del-Rei, Brazil. He is the leader and founder of the Laboratory of Neuroengineering and Neuroscience (LINNce) at his institution and we're thrilled to have him share his research with our webinar participants. Register here!

Happy Fourth of July!

Nature conference!

NeuroNexus Founder, Managing Director and CEO, Dr. Daryl Kipke, is one of the excellent presenters at the Technologies for Neuroengineering Virtual Conference coming up in 2 weeks. Register here !

Happy weekend!

For those who haven't participated already, NeuroNexus is collaborating with Tracy Cui and her lab at University of Pittsburgh to gauge interest and customer preference on a protein-based neural probe coating. Please take a couple minutes to complete the survey here:

Configuration Guide

NeuroNexus is all about continuous, customer-driven innovation. That's where our huge variety of designs comes from. With so much to choose from, we're re-publishing our configuration guide for you. This empowers you to read the most useful information out of our design names and to choose the solution for you.

Happy New Year!

Neural Implant Podcast

We're on a podcast! Neural Implant Podcast host Ladan Jiracek presents our summary of the recent symposium. If you missed the Neurotechnologies Symposium, recordings of all speaker presentations are available now.