Late cortical activity in visual perception

In this study of visual stimulus detection and perception, NeuroNexus 32- and 64-channel probes (A1x32-Poly2-10mm-50s-177, A2x16-10mm-100-500-177, A4x8-5mm-100-200-177, A1x64-Poly2-6mm-23s-160) were used for daily insertions into the mouse visual cortex. Recordings included single unit and multiunit activity, plus local field potentials for current source density (CSD) analysis. Additional acute recording techniques and how to distinguish visual cortical layers based on electrophysiology are described in the Nature Communications publication by Lohuis et al. with Cyriel Pennartz and Umberto Olcese at the University of Amsterdam. Their results reveal a neural correlate for late activity in visual perception, namely recurrent, multisensory connections to the visual cortex.

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